DeBrady's (meaning “by the Bradys”) has been the Brady family business since 1982. The original founder, master artisan Dennis Brady, has combined more than over 40 years experience as a builder, designer, and artist. With his sons, and a group of exceptionally talented glass artisans, he formed a team to produce unique and exceptional glass art. Dennis retired in 2004. His sons Dane and Jason Brady then formed Victorian Art Glass and carry on the family tradition of producing the finest quality glass art.

Expanding on the traditional use of lead cane and copper foil, the Bradys add copper, brass, ceramics, and gems to create innovative designs. Recently they have expanded their work to include kilnformed and cast glass to develop an ever increasing variety and dimension of unique glass art. While the family team constantly experiments with what can be done with glass, they remain committed to the highest standards of quality work and to make every effort to keep their work affordable. Whether it is tiny miniatures, jewelry, suncatchers, large window panels, elaborately detailed fully dimensional models, or kilnformed fused and slumped glass - each piece is an original design. Examples of their work is displayed in private, corporate, and institutional collections in more than 20 different countries. They can also be found in some of the finest shops and galleries in Canada and the U.S.A.